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Tim McDonald

Tim is the most talented and accomplished person I know. He's been playing piano since the age of 5. He was accepted into the Guild Society for Classical Music at 9 yrs old. He joined the Army during college and taught piano for the Army Music College. After 10 yrs he left service as a Staff Sergeant (E-6) (promotable) to pursue his musical career and moved to Nashville. Since then he has worked for some of the greatest musicians/singers in the world i.e. Olivia Newton-John, Mark Chesnutt, Blake Shelton, Hank Williams Jr., Pam Tillis, Steve Holy, Byron Berline, Vince Gill and the legendary rocker Rick Derringer just to name just a few. The list is uncomparable. Tim is an accomplished piano player but plays other instruments as well. Not only does he play, he sings, writes songs (lyrics and the music), arranges, and produces and teaches. He excels in all genre --if it can be played he will play it. Tim is the epidomy of Excellence in all fields of his profession. Not all musicians are versatile to ace all the facets as he has. Additionally, he supports many charities and the armed services to include our own AL National Guard and the Ft McClellan Annual MP Reunions. He created and recorded WE WILL ALL RISE in less than a week. I asked Tim to write the song and he didn't even have to think about it, he simply said YES...he only asked what kind of song I wanted, something fun upbeat or something serious. In less than two hours he had written the lyrics by the next day he had composed the melody...and it is a tribute to everyone--that being, we all are victims of the COVID-19: those suffering from the disease and the brave people working through it to keep everyone taken care of. It is very real, touches all emotions from fear to survival, love, prayer and together we are America Strong for this too will pass - WE ALL WILL RISE. The song is to be used as a fund raiser for the Victims, whether it be for medical supplies to feeding the children. But it is definite a work of love and compassion to help those that cannot help themselves.

All this while he, as a musician, is actually unemployed too because all venues he would be performing at are closed yes HE too is a victim. This song is a sample of his amazing talents. I'm proud to say Alabama supports and welcomes him here regularly--but he deserves so much more and should be recognized for his talents and all he gives to mankind as a whole. I'm extremely honored to call him my friend...for this, Tim McDonald, I salute you as an incredible UNSUNG HERO. Keep believing, your day is coming!

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